Going to Brisbane

October 20th

I’m off to Australia this weekend to prepare for EXPOSED, #shinethelight events in Brisbane.

Lots of things on the to-do list:
1. Arrange meeting with the Treasurer to present Global Call signatures, shinethelight selfies and the Open Letter.
Together, these actions represent half a billion people!
Which is amazing.

2. Get lots of people in Brisbane involved – youth, activists, worship groups, politicians, media, Brisbane Council. And to do all that you need an uber-organiser so very grateful that Lauren, a law student in Brisbane is willing to give her time and energy to this project. Without the Laurens, Daves and Mikes, we could not represent and amplify the millions of Christians who have prayed, taken part in vigils, signed a petition and emailed a politician.

3. Blog, tweet, facebook, and contribute to our media effort. Communicating the message is important of course. How can people get excited and involved if they don’t see and hear the message.

So…..I’d love you to come with me (via this blog) as we see the impact of the EXPOSED campaign.

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