G20 events underway – it’s good to be in the public square

November 9th

tax haven 2                       IMG_3012

Micah Challenge actions at the G20 have got off to a great start.

Reddacliffe Sq at the end of Queen St Mall became a mock tax haven, the world’s biggest mock tax haven in fact!

Because it was actually the first G20 ‘protest’ and because the team in Australia had done such a brilliant job, all the national TV stations were there plus AAP, radio stations and the Guardian online.We were on ALL evening news bulletins (national for 9,10, SBS and ABC), plus heaps of online news. I was on Channel 9 news for about 4 seconds!

The ‘tax heaven’ was very visual bright and humorous – but what the media were interested in was “protest” – would there be trouble?

If you believe the police and officials, the city is in for a torrid time – the big fences began going up yesterday – but our ‘protest’ set the tone for an event that was strong on facts, passion and positive asks, not just negativity.

I wanted to write to say Thank you for your prayers and support so far.

Please keep praying and talking – it has an effect



PS. There will be 9 different services in Brisbane today featuring God’s economic justice. Praise God

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