She influences the world

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of US Vogue has been voted the 2nd most influential woman in the UK in 2015.

The judges said, “She influences the world in what to wear, how to look, and who to celebrate.” See twitter

This was no cheap list of Top-10’s found on an online site (you know the sort of thing – “10 worst celebrity beach bodies”) but one compiled by the prestigious Woman’s Hour of BBC Radio 4. Number 1 was the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon, who led her party to overwhelming victory in Scotland in the May general election.

So what do I make of the fact that Anna Wintour tells women “how to look and who to celebrate”.

I’m a woman in my 50’s: I know it’s important to look as impressive as possible in the work place especially when I’m doing presentations or leading meetings, so I’m not invisible to the world.

But I don’t slavishly follow fashion trends because I am more than my looks, because clothes do NOT make me who I am, and because I want to spend my money wisely on clothes that will not date.

Spending hours buried in Vogue or Marie Claire could make you feel seriously inadequate – especially in terms of how much money we are supposed to spend on looking fashionable. But they also say that women are about fashion and beauty, and little else. There are rare articles on business women, motherhood and sport because advertisers demand that the pages are filled with aspiration-raising images of designer wear.


Ironically, Anna Wintour has a classic look (and if you don’t know her, take a look here) that has little to do with the seasonal trends that fill the pages of her magazine.

So as a Christian woman, keen to look good in a non-Amish kind of way, here is my top 10 list of “what to wear, how to look and who to celebrate.”

  1. I buy clothes that will last. It is false economy to buy cheap, throw-away clothing that demeans the whole idea of craftsmanship
  2. I try NOT to impulse buy – if I need a coat I do not come home with a pair of shoes
  3. I buy in the sales
  4. I stick to what suits me most and what makes me comfortable – colours, styles,#tracksuitpants
  5. I scour second-hand shops
  6. I like to support small business so the money goes to the designers and craftsmen (see point 9)
  7. I can sew: I can carry out repairs, do alterations, take up hems, so clothes last longer
  8. I look after clothes and shoes so they last longer
  9. I try to buy fair trade. This is NOT always easy but I definitely avoid brands with the worst reputation. See Behind the Brands or Fashion Report
  10. I celebrate women’s achievements that have nothing to do with looks or money. Thank you to the influencers and achievers who will never make the list but who are on my list of wonderful women.

This is a basic list – you may have your own hints and ideas – tweet them to

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